Midsummer bonfire

Midsummer bonfireJune 23rd is known as Sankthans in Norway, St. John’s night other places, and we usually celebrate with a bonfire. This is known as midsummer, and is one of the brightest nights of the year. So the bonfire was probably thought up so they could get rid of rubbish they had lying around on the farms.

This picture is from June 23rd, 2013, and is from a small bonfire we enjoyed by the ocean. I don’t have a big tradition of celebrating Sankthans, as I’ve been away on trips with the brass band (or other stuff) when it happens. I have had the opportunity to celebrate it in other countries, like Denmark, France and Italy. Denmark celebrates by putting witches on a bonfire, and if it’s close to water the bonfire may be on a fleet.

If you have the chance to see a bonfire in Norway or Denmark in the Midsummer, I would recommend it, as it’s an experience.




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