Gladmat – a food festival.

Gladmat champagne korker

Instead of trying to explain what Gladmat is, I’ll just refer to the website that explains it in norwegian and english:


Gladmat has since its start in 1998 established itself as Skandinavias leading food festival. Gladmat is an important ambassador for food culture and enjoyment all year through and aims to be Norways most important meeting place for chefs, food producers, foodies and the media.

The festival is situated in the heart of Stavanger in the last week of July where about 100 large and small exhibitors offer a taste of both new products and traditional food. During the four days the festival lasts, about 250 000 visitors taste their way around the festival grounds. Competitions, shows and other entertainment make sure that the days are filled to the brim with fun and inspiration. (From the About Gladmat section of their website on July 15th)

The picture was taken in 2012, and is from an exhibitor called Komla & Cava, serving the traditional norwegian dish Komle with Cava. The sign translates to ‘Watch out for falling bottle caps’. The dates for Gladmat 2014 is 23rd-26th of July.


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