Utstein Monastary

Utstein kloster snø

Utstein kloster, which is translated to Utstein Monastery, is Norways only preserved monastery from the mediaeval ages. It is located on Mosterøy, an island in the municipality of Rennesøy, which is a 30 min drive from Stavanger through the Rennfast undersea tunnel. (About the monastery)

In 2012, the Monastery, which is run as a museum, conference centre, reception and concert facility, became a part of the Museum Stavanger (MUST) foundation. Some of the other museums that are a part of MUST are Stavanger Art Museum, Stavanger Maritime Museum, the Norwegian Canning Museum, Stavanger School Museum, and many more.

This picture is taken early February 2010, and all of the other times I’ve been there, it’s been close to or in the summer, and the area surrounding the Monastery is green and beautiful during the other parts of the year, as well as in the cold February that is pictured.


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