Viewing London from the river Themes


In July of 2011 I went to England (and a short trip to Wales), and the majority and the latter part of the trip was spent in London. London is a grand city, the capital of the United Kingdom, and a mixture of old historic buildings you may (or may not) have heard about, and newer buildings that might not be as familiar to a lot of people.

While in London, we took went on a riverboat cruise. Many larger cities offer a trip along the river that the city surround, at least they do in many of the european cities I’ve visited. And most of the times, viewing the city from the river gives you a new perspective. You might see places that you never would have otherwise, and also get new ideas of places to visit when you get back on steady ground again. We got on a boat that started close to the Parliament and the Tower containing the Big Ben, so this picture was taken early on the trip, and there were a lot of fun stories we were told about the buildings along the Themes.



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