Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin


The Reichstagsgebäude, or the Reichstag building is a part of the German parliamentary and government quarter. The building itself has a pretty long and interesting history, so if you want to read more, the Wikipedia-article can be found here (and then you can see if you can read it in your native language, english or german).

This picture was taken during the two weeks I spent in Germany mid-February 2015. I’ve been studying german this year, and some of us travelled to Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin for two weeks. While in Berlin, we got a tour of the Reichstag (in german), and went up into the dome and roof terrace. (It was pretty hard to write this post in english, as I heard about the building in german, and have been revising german the last weeks).


One thought on “Reichstagsgebäude in Berlin

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