Wrong direction

Wrong Direction

Over the last years, they’ve been putting up these signs in Norway. The signs are saying “Wrong driving-direction. TURN!“, if you’re driving onto the highway/motorway in the wrong lane. This sign is in Kristiansand, the picture was taken early November 2014.


2 thoughts on “Wrong direction

  1. I noticed the same while driving there. It’s funny though, isn’t it quite late if you notice in that point! You have great tips and pictures from two of my favorite destinations so far, Norway and Ireland. Waiting forward to see more!

    • The signs are normally a bit late, yes, but I think/hope it’s mainly in the evening/night when there are fewer cars out that people make the mistake, and then they could drive for a bit without really noticing it.
      That’s so kind of you to say, I hope you’ll like what’s to come. Hopefully I’ll get to travel to Ireland again to get more pictures, as it’s pretty high on my list of favorite destinations as well. I have plenty more pictures of Norway to come, so I hope you’ll like them.


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