Christianssand Bryggeri

cb bryggeri krs

Christianssand Bryggeri (or Christianssands brewery) is a brewery in Kristiansand, that is currently a part of Hansa Borg Bryggerier. It originally dates back to 1859, when it was opened, and is most known for CB-beer (painted in the picture) and CB-Christmas soda. When the brewery was built, the city was called Christianssand after King Christian IV (and after the sandy land the city is situated on), but in 1877 the city chose to go for a more Norwegian way of writing the city, and therefore became Kristiansand instead. The brewery kept its name, and is often referred to by its initials CB.

On the wall facing the railroad, one can see a painted picture of what one can imagine the brewery would look like inside. This picture was taken from a train in mid-September 2015, when I finally remembered it and were ready to take a picture of it.

(About CB’s history in Norwegian, it’s english Wikipedia-page, and the city Kristiansands Wikipedia-page explaining the name-change)



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