Poké-hunting on vacation

Holbæk pokemonjakt kunst

While on a road trip in Denmark, Sweden and Norway late July 2016, I started hunting those Pokémon. And on multiple of the places we stayed, we got to see a lot more as we walked around with Pokémon Go than we would without.

The likelihood of us walking around in a park to find this sculpture/structure, when we were tired from a long day of driving, is pretty small. But we went hunting for Pokémon and adventure. And we found this is a park in Holbæk, along with several other Pokéstops and other people looking for Pokéstops.

We got to see the towns we visited in a different manner than we would have otherwise, and a Pokéstop might not tell you a lot about the place, but it gives you a name to the sculpture where the stop is. The Pokéstops can make you stop and look for places, whether on travel or at home, that you might have just passed otherwise.



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