Giraffes in Denmark?

In early June I went on a road trip to Denmark (with a quick stop in Germany as well), and one of the places we visited was Givskudd Zoo.

Givskudd Zoo started in 1969 with lions as only animal, and is therefore known as Løveparken (the lion park) for many. Now there are many more species, where giraffes are one of them. The zoo and safari park has large enclosures for the animals, and it’s possible to walk and drive around parts of the park.

The Øresund Bridge

In late July 2016 we were traveling around Skagerak and Kattegat, which meant driving across the Øresund bridge, that goes between Denmark and Sweden. Luckily, the weather wasn’t too bad this day, so we actually had a pretty good view of the area.

Palads in Copenhagen

This is a theatre in Copenhagen. It lies on Axeltorv, and was painted the bright colors back in 1989. This picture was taken in mid-July 2016, when the theatre was a bright place to aim for to get to our hotel nearby.

It’s also near the Tivoli and Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), so pretty central if those are the things you’ve chosen a hotel or place to live from.

As far as I can understand, there might be plans for the theatre to be demolished, but I don’t think anything is set in stone yet. But if you want to see a movie there, maybe check before going.

A view from the fjord

Holbæk fra sjøenWhen we visited Holbæk in late July 2016, and went Pokémon-hunting, we walked out on the pier to find a stop (that couldn’t be accessed at the time). Turning and walking back in to land again was pretty special. Gaining enough distance gave a perspective of the area that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. And while it was a pretty quiet area, it was also really nice and close to Copenhagen.

Poké-hunting on vacation

Holbæk pokemonjakt kunst

While on a road trip in Denmark, Sweden and Norway late July 2016, I started hunting those Pokémon. And on multiple of the places we stayed, we got to see a lot more as we walked around with Pokémon Go than we would without.

The likelihood of us walking around in a park to find this sculpture/structure, when we were tired from a long day of driving, is pretty small. But we went hunting for Pokémon and adventure. And we found this is a park in Holbæk, along with several other Pokéstops and other people looking for Pokéstops.

We got to see the towns we visited in a different manner than we would have otherwise, and a Pokéstop might not tell you a lot about the place, but it gives you a name to the sculpture where the stop is. The Pokéstops can make you stop and look for places, whether on travel or at home, that you might have just passed otherwise.


Pokémon versus reality

CPH pumpehuset pokemonOne of the things we’ve been hearing a lot about (and possibly playing a lot) this summer is Pokémon Go. How people are seeing the world through their cellphone, instead of focusing on the world as it is. The names of the different Pokémon and which ones are easier to find. In general, we’ve found a game where we can hide away in plain sight, and think about something other than the different problems happening around the world.

When we were in Copenhagen this July (2016), they were painting walls outside a place called Pumpehuset, and one of the walls were decorated with this. A phone-screen containing a lot of color and Pokémon, and the darker background surrounding the phone, where the people pictured are struggling. And it feels like a piece of street art that just explains the summer of 2016 pretty well.

Taking the slower roads

Margarittrute holbæk cph2

While driving through parts of Denmark this summer, we stayed a night in Holbæk before heading to Copenhagen. Since we had quite a bit of time, we chose to take the slower routes instead of the motorway, and ended up on the route known as Margueritruten in Denmark. As Wikipedia will tell you, it’s a route taking you past approximately 1000 historical sights and attractions around in Denmark.

This picture was taken late July 2016 from a road called Munkholmvej looking out on Bramsnæs bugt. The road was very peaceful and you got to see more of Denmark than you see from the motorways, so if you have that extra piece of time while driving in Denmark, it’s recommended.


The staircases that went through a forest

Trappen møns klintI’ve posted pictures before from the visit to Møns klint in south-eastern Denmark in late June 2012, but those pictures were of the beach and the cliff. This is the end of the staircase we had to descend (and later climb up again) to get through the wooden area to the beach. Walking down the stairs through a forest felt pretty strange, but when you got out of the woods and all you could see was a rock-filled beach, the cliffs and the sea, it was pretty magical.

Fun times at Tivoli

Tivoli københavn

Back in June of 2012 I visited Copenhagen, and while on this visit we did not visit Tivoli, we went past it. There is something special about Tivoli, and there are events happening year round. I have previously visited Tivoli (and had fun), so if you haven’t gotten a chance to visit, it’s recommended.