J. R. Tolkien


It’s just a random boat we passed in Hamburg early February 2015. But we can’t be the only one reacting to the name J. R. Tolkien? Apparently it was originally called Dierkow from the launch in 1963 until 1994, when it was renamed J. R. Tolkien (probably after J. R. R. Tolkien).


The Berlin Cathedral


Back in February of 2015, I spent two weeks in Germany, and one of the things we did in Berlin was visit the Berlin Cathedral Church, also known as Der Berliner Dom in German. This picture is taken inside the church, in the main room. Around in the building you could learn about the church, the rebuilding of the church, the people buried in the crypt underneath the church and see the view of Berlin.

Old and futuristic Berlin?

Berliner dom alexander tor

There is something strange about the mix of old-fashioned and futuristic in some of the areas in Berlin. The Cathedral represents the older parts of the city, dating back hundreds of years, and the tower at Alexanderplatz, while from the DDR-time, looks slightly futuristic (or maybe the future that was imagined in the 1960-70s?).

This is yet another picture I took during those two weeks in February 2015 in Germany, which is when most of the pictures from Germany were taken.

The Roof of the Reichstag

reichstag taketAs mentioned a few times before, I visited Germany for two weeks in February 2015. While we had a chance to discover Berlin on our own as well, one of the things we did as a group was to visit the Reichstag.

We got a tour of the inside of the building, which has a long and fascinating history if you find that interesting, and at the end of the tour, we got dropped of and got to tour the roof and the dome on our own. The view from the dome was quite beautiful, but I realized as we were there how unfamiliar the Berlin skyline is, at least to me.

Without having been to New York I’ve seen the skyline in many pictures, movies and tv-shows. London and Paris has quite a few familiar sights, but beside the TV-tower on Alexanderplatz and the Berliner Dom, there were a lot of unfamiliar buildings.

Berlin has been through changes over the last century, which might play a part in it, but there are a lot of well-known cities that seem to have a fairly unknown skyline. It just felt sort of strange to realize.

The TV-tower in Berlin

Berlin fernsehturm

This was taken on the Schillingbrücke, which is one of the bridges crossing the river Spree in Berlin. The tall tower one can see in the middle of the picture is the TV-tower (or the Fernsehturm that I’ve written about before). The picture was taken in mid-February 2015, in the two weeks I spent in Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin.

Well, that sucks

Star wars well that sucks berlin

In mid February 2015, I visited Germany for two weeks (as I’ve previously posted about which can be found in the Germany category), and one of the things we did for the longweekend in Berlin was being shown around the town. The tour we went on was a viewing of the street art in Berlin (mostly in Kreuzberg). It was quite interesting. Even if it was not my cup of tea, we saw some pretty cool art. One of the pieces I thought was pretty cool was this paste-up of Darth Vader trying to fly away with a bunch of balloons, but failing as there was a box in the way.

The strange, but cosy Embassy

Norske ambassade berlin

The Norwegian Embassy in Berlin is a part of the Nordic Embassies, which are the five Nordic countries that built their Embassies combined in Berlin. The five countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland) each have their own building, and they also have a combined building, where the entrance and canteen can be found, called Felleshuset.

This picture was taken in February 2015 just inside the doors of the Norwegian Embassy, which was as far as we went without an appointment, but we got to see the King and Queen on the wall.