The Countryside of Skipton

I love traveling when you have great weather. Don’t get me wrong, a rainstorm can be relaxing and make a good story, but there’s nothing like nice weather that permits you to walk around and stop wherever you feel like.

When I went to Skipton in June 2013, we had great weather the days we were there, so getting on a train to go to Leeds, while fun, felt slightly wrong when the weather was great outside. But we got to see Leeds in a nice weather as well as getting a nice view of the Yorkshire countryside from the train.

There’s something about traveling with a possibility to stop and view places and things you never knew of or planned on seeing that I really like.


The princesses in Disney and the girls of the real life

In the Disney-store in London, this quote is placed above the staircase down to the basement: “For every girl who Dreams Big, there’s a Princess to show her it’s possible”
Or at least they’re working on it.
This picture was taken when we visited in mid-April 2016, and while I know I’m not exactly the target audience for the store, there were a lot of cool things there.

The silent Ben

Last year, I went to London with a friend of mine for a weekend in mid-April. We had fun, were pretty lucky with the weather and got to see places like Emirates Stadium and Big Ben.

I’ve written about Big Ben (and the Elizabeth tower) before, but recently the clock was stopped, and this picture just jumped out at me. I always find it cool how well the tower comes out in a picture, and it just makes me go back and take more pictures of it.

Welcome to Skipton

In June 2013, I spent a few days in Skipton in the sunshine, and I’ve pretty much been wanting to go back since. (This is in no way sponsored, it was just that nice of a trip) I feel like Yorkshire has a reputation of not the best weather (pretty much like Rogaland in Norway), but when the weather is nice, it’s just a great place to relax a few days. If you’d like a place with green fields, cows, sheep, good food, a few places to visit, and a relaxing atmosphere, there are few reasons not to go to Skipton.

I’ve written about the trip before, in case you wanted to see a bit more of it. During the trip, we visited Skipton, Bangor in Wales, and Dublin in Ireland all in a bit less than two weeks.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square can be a pretty busy place in London. This picture is from a visit in mid-April 2016, and it was a decent crowd for a day in the April sun. I remember visiting London in July 2011 and randomly coming across the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. We knew it was happening while we were in London, but hadn’t quite registered how and where the event would take place. So a plan to meet up at Trafalgar Square turned into let’s meet at this book shop instead, we’ll see you when you get around the crowds.

The red boxes that aren’t busses

When visiting London as a tourist, you’ll focus on some of the red stuff to be found in the city. Whether it be the red busses or the phone boxes. Possibly because they stick out in the city, possibly because they’re obvious things telling you where you are without needing to be in the middle of a people-filled landmark, also it’s what book, tv-shows and movies show from London.

This picture was taken in mid-April 2016 in Bayswater in London. Walking around we passed these phone boxes when there weren’t that many around, so if felt like a nice time to capture them.

Squirrel in the park

While it’s not an uncommon sight in the parks in London to see squirrels, it seems to be an eye-catching thing for tourists, including myself. In mid-April 2016, we hung around and walked through enough parks in London, to find more than enough squirrels running around and crawling up trees.


Now I’m probably panicking about finishing the semester, so here’s some duckies. These ducks were swimming around my legs as I popped my legs in the lake on our way back from a walk where I wore the wrong shoes. Let me tell you, the water felt great on my feet and the ducks were pretty cute. This was in May 2015.

The tiny dude and the dangerous visit to a factory

Also known as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In mid-April 2016 when we visited London, one of the things we wanted to do was go to a musical. And our choice ended up being Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was pretty great. There were good music, fun effects, great actors, and all in all you could see that there had been put a lot of effort into making it as great as it was.

The West End run ended on the 7th of January 2016, but the musical runs on Broadway, and seems to have a UK-tour stating at some point in 2017.

Big Ben


Last year around this time, I was in London. And it was pretty great, walking around, shopping and seeing things around London. It was so nice weather most of the days, so we stopped and got some food and sat down at a bench. I’d say the view was pretty great.

I’ve written about Big Ben (and the Elizabeth tower) before.