The city hall in Sandnes

The current city hall in Sandnes is this building from the 1970s. They are currently building a new city hall in the harbor area, and they put this city hall onto, where everything from available jobs and used skies to houses and old city halls are advertised for.

This picture was taken in mid-August 2013, when the weather was shockingly nice.


May 1st in Norway

May 1st is labor day, and it’s one of the official flag days in Norway and one of the days you get off work (or higher paid if you have to work).

This picture was taken in the shopping Langgata in Sandnes on May 1st, 2012, when I weirdly enough had a job interview that didn’t pan out. There is usually a bit more people walking in this street, but since it’s mostly cafés and restaurants that are open on the public holidays in Norway, it was pretty empty.

Roadtripping in Sweden

In late July 2016, we went on a road trip. A part of the road trip was driving up the western coast of Sweden. A lot of the road goes through areas with a lot of forests, so it felt boring compared to driving in Denmark and Norway.

Once in a while, we got to a bridge or a place with a view, like the bridge that was coming up. And one of the perks with road trips is stopping when you want and finding fun things along the way.


The archipelago in Southern Norway

The southern coast of Norway is known for its archipelago or skjærgård as it’s called in Norwegian. There is a lot of connotations to summertime in the archipelago in southern Norway, with boats and often good weather. After having lived in Kristiansand a few years, I have to admit, it feels like the weather is in general better than on the western coast of Norway, especially during the summer.

This picture was taken in early July 2016 on a tiny road-trip to Brekkestø outside of Lillesand in Aust-Agder. Brekkestø is a place that seems amazing in great summer weather, but it could be windy and cold in the winter. The sign in the picture mentions the opening hours for the grocery store and the hours for the ice cream kiosk. For the kiosk, it adds weather permitting, and I doubt it would be as attractive to buy ice cream there in bad weather.


Norwegian Easter Mountains

The typical Easter in Norway is heading off to the mountains, crime novels/movies, and skiing. This Easter was no different, a lot of people headed off to the mountains, but there were some problems with the weather up north and a stomach bug spreading on some of the cabins in the mountains in the south. A usual (well-founded) complaint from people in Northern-Norway is that the national media covers insignificant news from Southern-Norway before they cover news from the north. Let’s just mention that there was quite a bit of news about the stomach bug, and a few articles about a lot of roads being shut up north.

I’m always fascinated about when you’re out walking in the mountains and you walk around in a forest and suddenly there’s an opening with a magnificent view.  This picture is from Sirdal in mid-March 2016, which was the easter that year. And this Easter-walk came with a pretty nice view.

Castles of a childhood

I’ve only visited Disneyland in Paris, but I’ve also visited it three times, so it really feels like my Disneyland and my castle. There’s something special about Disneyland, but I almost prefer going as a teenager and young adult. At some point I’d like to go back, but not during the high season. If you have the funds (which I don’t right now) and the opportunity, Disney definitely has something magic about it and it’s not just for the kids.

This picture is from the third visit in late June 2010, when I had the opportunity to walk around and have fun, and not run around to go on most rides, but rather see the park and have fun with my friends.

Elephants – because why not?

Last summer I went to the lion park in Denmark, and we were pretty lucky with the weather. It was supposed to be cloudy and rainy, but instead, we got sun and pretty nice weather to walk and drive around the park in.

Even if the park is nicknamed the lion park, the lions are among many other animals at the park. There are elephants, monkeys, birds, camels, zebras, giraffes and more. I’ve posted about the visit before here.

The Reichstag

This picture was taken on the roof of the Reichstag building in Berlin in mid-February 2015. One of the great things about the visit was the view, although I noticed how little I knew of the skyline of Berlin. Some cities have the well-known buildings you’ll recognize on the horizon, but it was weird getting up there and realizing that I didn’t have that in Berlin. Still, it was a great view, and it was fun walking in the glass dome, so if you’re going to Berlin, a visit is recommended.

A clear summer day

I long for the summer, for times when I don’t have to guess if it’ll be above or below zero degrees Celsius, or if it’ll be enough wind that it’ll feel like minus-degrees, even if it isn’t.

The Norwegian summer doesn’t really offer that much of a difference, at least not on the western coast. But we usually don’t get minus-degrees at summertime, it’ll mostly stay between 10 and 20 degrees, but could go higher or lower as well. So if you’re traveling to Norway, be aware that the weather on the west coast is not always reliable.

The picture might not have been taken on a day with a clear sky, but the water was remarkably clear. This was taken in mid-July 2017 on the sandy beaches of Jæren.

Bad weather or bad clothing?

The last week in Norway has been filled with cold and snowy weather. With bad road conditions and power issues, there’s been a lot going on. It’s made me think of the saying we have in Norway “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær” aka There is no bad weather, only bad (wrong) clothing, and usually, it’s a pretty correct saying. Sure, dress for the job you want, but dress for the weather you have. Or if you’re spending a summer on the south-western coast of Norway – dress for all kinds of weather, because the weather can change quickly between sun, rain, wind or a mixture.

This picture was taken in early February 2017, on the bus station in Kristiansand. It was a snowy day, with more snow to come.