Big Ben


Last year around this time, I was in London. And it was pretty great, walking around, shopping and seeing things around London. It was so nice weather most of the days, so we stopped and got some food and sat down at a bench. I’d say the view was pretty great.

I’ve written about Big Ben (and the Elizabeth tower) before.



Sometimes, especially if you’re a student, spring isn’t that great, because of all of the exams, hand-ins (etc) that needs to be done when the weather is getting better. Outside the sun starts shining, so that as it gets warmer, you still can’t study outside, because of how impossible it is to actually read what you’re writing on your screen. This picture was taken in London mid-April 2016, and all the colorful flowers can be a cheering element in some of the harder moments. If you have any exams, hand-ins or projects due in the nice weather, I wish you good luck and cross my fingers that the weather will still be nice as we finish those projects and exams.

Southern-Norway on a postcard


During the road trip around Kattegat and Skagerak in late July 2016 we drove along the southeastern coast of Norway, and one night we stayed at Strand Hotel Fevik, between Grimstad and Arendal. The hotel in itself was quite nice, apparently Roald Dahl kept returning to stay at the hotel. I guess I can understand that with the view we had from our room.


Not Pi(-day), but hey, edibles?


Maybe it’s not a pie (happy pi-day!), but at least it’s food. This picture was taken in the Nordby shopping mall, where a lot of Norwegians will cross the border to Sweden to shop cheaper food. The reindeer is explained by reindeer being found in Polar areas, and the bread underneath is the brand Polarbrød.

The picture was taken in late July 2016 on a road trip around Skagerak and Kattegat.


A Skipton Tree


When we were in Skipton early June 2013 the weather was pretty amazing, so clearly the weather must always be amazing there, right? Yeah, I know it doesn’t work that way, but I can tell you that Skipton looks amazingly green in sunny weather.

Kensington Gardens


In mid-April 2016, when we went to London, we spent some time on the last day there in Kensington gardens. Luckily it was pretty nice weather, so we could buy some food and have a picnic without freezing. One of my favorite things to do while traveling (weather permitting, of course) is buying food at a local grocery store and have a picnic in a park, just enjoying the time traveling and time spent in a new place.