About veslefrick

Welcome to Travels with Veslefrick, I’m your “guide”, and I’ll be using this blog to show some of the pictures I’ve taken from places I’ve been. This has been started as an experiment on if I have enough pictures that I want to share and to make me go out and take more.

My name is Hilde Tjørhom Frick, and I’m a girl in my twenties. I have a Bachelor degree in Tourism Management, a year of German studies, and a Master’s degree in Social Communication behind me. This blog is something I like to do while trying to figure out where I’m headed in life.

I’m not a professional photographer, but I do like taking pictures and getting to see places in a different way. After I started the blog, I’ve noticed that I see places a bit differently, always imagining if it would make a nice picture and therefore also enjoying the moment in a different way as I try to remember the moment for later. 

I mostly do it for fun, and therefore I do not have the best camera nor the best possibilities to take steady and amazing pictures. But I try to get by on what I have, and I hope that it’s something that someone appreciates. This is a blog I’ve made to share my passion for traveling and fun pictures from places I’ve been. I hope you like it.

Thanks for stopping by!

Please do not use the pictures without referring back to this site/me. An easy way to contact me is via Twitter.

Unless otherwise stated, none of the posts on this blog are sponsored.



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